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Thursday, October 13, 2016

August 17, 2016

Bi-Zone Conference

Urdaneta & Mangaldan Zone

Urdaneta Stake Center

Urdaneta Zone

Mangaldan Zone

The only conference that consisted of two zones among the 4 conferences. However, they proved number doesn't matter. Spirit was so strong during all the workshops.

Faith to Find

President Deyro gave a powerful workshop by using the Preach My Gospel. He showed to the missionaries that every paragraph in the Preach My Gospel can help us develop faith to find. As we "teach and testify as you meet people" (TATAY MP) pmg pg. 159. 

Elder Tumanovao & Elder Magistrado thought us how to use our time wisely in any circumstances.

Food of starving missionaries By: Tom Jones


Angelic voices sounded during the conferences 
By: Sister Ungerer and Sister Virtudazo

Sister Cabahug and Sister Miller show how important to be United in hastening the work.

Now Sister Sanico and Sister Standage emphasized the blessings that we will receive if  we labor with Unity and with all our heart, might, mind and strength. Such an interesting workshop. 

Elder Kailahi, a very strong man was blindfolded then asked to raise his both hands then the missionaries placed hymn books on his hands. After few munites the Sisters invited the missionaries to sing "Heavenly father loves me" while they are removing the hymn books one by one. 

The spirit was so strong. Very simple presentation yet the impact was very strong. It made us appreciate the blessings that we received daily.

Another angelic voice was heard. Sister Burton

The Assistants Workshop ( Elder Fairbank and Elder Raguin). Level 1 Members, level two Missionaries and level three the investigators or the people that we are saving. The work doesn't work if one of the levels is not strong enough. 

Happy faces of the Conference :)

Elder and Sister Jensen.

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