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Monday, September 12, 2016

MLC July 1st 2016

Mission Leadership Council

July 1st, 2016

The Mission Leadership Council consists of Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders, Assistants to the President and President and Sister Deyro.  MLC meets monthly for training and discussing the mission vision and goals for hastening the work of salvation. 

For July, we invited the MLC and discussed new techniques on how to find those people that will receive us more effectively and faster.  

President Deyro presented the 7-step Door Approach and Golden Questions to the MLC. This heaven inspired technique will help the missionaries have more effective testify contacts (OYM) and to get to know the people.

This technique contains 7 steps with a survey.

Step 1: Smile, greet, and be enthused.
Step 2: Introduce yourself and your companion, shake hands, and get their name.
Step 3: Explain the survey.
Step 4: Ask them to take the survey.
Step 5: Ask to step in.
Step 6: Sit down and have them sit down.
Step 7: “Hand in Hand” and “Spiritual Nature”.

After the 7th step, reaffirm the survey, give it, and move into the first lesson by asking them who they would like to say the prayer. Without fail, they will let you say the prayer. If they are thoroughly uninterested, or if they simply don’t have the time they will stop you. You may say:

“Oh, thank you very much for answering these questions. In fact,
what we have that goes hand in hand (key words) with this short
survey is a brief message that gives the answers to the questions
where we came from, why we are here on earth, and where we are
going after leaving this life. However, this message is of a spiritual
nature (key words), so we always like to start out with a word of
prayer, and since this is your home, would you like to say the
prayer or would you like one of us to?”

Elder Bacunana (AP1) gave a workshop on how can we offer the Book of Mormon wisely. 

1 Nephi 13:40

Step 1: Establish the TRUTH of the first ("the first" refers to the bible)
Step 2: Shall make known the plain and precious things that has been taken away from them
Step 3: Shall make known to all kindred, tongue and people, that the Lamb of God (Jesus Christ) is the son of the Eternal Father, and the savior of the world.

Elder Fairbank (AP2) gave a workshop what we called Dialog for Member Referral. It is also a suggested series of steps on how we can get more friends name (referral) from members.

Step 1: Set the tone; share experience, show video, use D&C 18:10-18 and etc.
Step 2: Handout paper; explain the game
Step 3: Sing a hymn while they wright names
Step 4: Seek guidance through prayer.
Step 5: Identify Names
Step 6: Make plans on how we can help them receive the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ
Step 7: Follow-up, follow-up

President Deyro explain the principles of Zion using chop sticks and a rubber band. The MLC ate their lunch using the chop sticks.

The Chop sticks represents Charity and Godliness; the rubber band represents Unity. These are the three things we need to establish Zion. We should all work together to build up Zion like the basketball game clip shown, we should all work together to make a shot. 

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