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Thursday, October 6, 2016

August 16, 2016

Tri-Zone Conference

Alaminos, Aguilar, and Lingayen Zone

Alaminos Zone

Aguilar Zone 

Lingayen Zone

The First Law in Heaven

Faith unto Repentance; Baptism unto Repentance

They were taught on how to effectively teach the principles of repentance using The Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet.

The most fun part of training. ROLE PLAY.

Teach with unity with your companion

How to Start and carry on Gospel Conversation?

G                O                  S                  P                  E                  L
Greet         Observe         Set-up         Probe         Expound         Link

Significant Lunch


They presented a very creative presentation.

How to Use our Time Wisely

Ask Elder Ator and Elder Kloepfer

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