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Friday, December 25, 2015

2015 Christmas Initiative: A Savior Is Born!

2015 Christmas Initiative: A Savior Is Born!

Last Thursday, as part of the 2015 Christmas Initiative: A Savior Is Born, the Urdaneta Zone held a mini-concert/exhibition at the Events Centre in CB Mall, Urdaneta. After weeks of planning, their hard work was put to the test. The Urdaneta Zone missionaries set up various booths for people to come and learn more about the unique message that we have as missionaries. People could also come to listen to the mini-concert featuring Elder Dromey and Elder Dahle. The event did not start off well with very little people attending. However, the zone members, joined with the Asingan 1 Elders, Elders Cox, Lomax, Johnson and Dalauta, continued to work hard under the hot sun outside the mall to invite people to come and see. In the end, the event was a success with many investigators leaving behind their contact details for the missionaries to visit them. 

Mini Concert by Elder Dromey and Elder Dahle
"The Message of The Restoration" Booth. 
"The Plan Of Salvation" Booth
"The Gospel of Jesus Christ" Booth
"Christmas Initiative/Referrals" Booth
Elder Johnson hard at work trying to invite others to come and see

Urdaneta Zone with members who came to show their support!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Arrival of The Jensens!

 Arrival of New Senior Couple: Elder and Sister Jensen!

This past week, The Jensens arrived! The Jensens are a new senior couple assigned in the Urdaneta Mission. Elder and Sister Jensen are from Mesquite, Nevada and are the proud parents of 8 children and 21 grandchildren. They are currently assigned in the Aguilar and Alaminos areas and we are happy for them and their desire to serve the Lord. The Urdaneta Mission welcomes them with open arms!

Elder and Sister Jensen

Orientation meeting for the Jensens by the Office Staff, together with President and Sister Deyro 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

New Trainers For December 2015 Arriving Batch!

New Trainers For December 2015 Arriving Batch!

This morning, the newly called trainers for the December 2015 arriving batch met at the Mission Home for a our Train The Trainers meeting. At this meeting, the trainers were instructed through various workshops by the Assistants and President and Sister Deyro. The call to be a trainer is a sacred one because of the responsibility he or she will have to train a brand new missionary in the mission field. We are happy and excited for the newly called trainers in their new callings next transfers!

Trainers doing their studies while waiting for the training to start.

Trainers engaged in a discussion during a workshop by Sister Deyro

President Deyro instructing the new trainers

The new trainers for the December 2015 Arriving Batch!
(Left to Right) Front Row: Pres. Deyro, Sis. Deyro
Standing: Elder Brown, Elder Capate, Elder Hillman, Elder Panzo, Elder Lumanog, Elder Sabiano(AP), Elder Quevedo, Elder Martindale, Elder Rivera, Elder Cochrane(AP), Sister Obtingga,
Sister Standage, Sister Juaniza, Sister Latorre, Sister Adalid
Standing on Sofa: Elder Tumanuvao, Elder Isuga, Elder Ah Hong, Elder Dahle,
Elder Shettell, Sister Montenegro, Sister Miller

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Adopt-A-Missionary Program

We express heartfelt gratitude to all those individuals who made personal sacrifices to make Christmas special to those missionaries who need it here in Urdaneta. The gifts they received from you were special and personal blessings to them and will be treasured throughout their missions and much after. Thank you Adopt-A-Missionary Program!

*If the video doesn't work, please write a comment so I can fix it

*UPDATE: An article about this project was written on http://www.ldsdaily.com/world/filipino-missionaries-receive-the-gift-of-christmas/ . Please Share!

Typhoon NONA Update:

Typhoon NONA Update:

The Typhoon has made landfall in Oriental Mindoro and we in Urdaneta are experiencing light rainfall. We have not been assigned a signal yet, meaning that the effects of the storm for us, will be no more than that of a normal low-pressure rain front. All missionaries in our mission are safe and accounted for, and all precautions possible are being taken to ensure their safety. All is well!

Thursday, December 10, 2015