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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

March 2016 Arriving Batch!

March 2016 Arriving Batch!

The day after we said goodbye to the departing missionaries, we welcomed a new batch of missionaries to the mission. The new batch of missionaries are the first batch to have gone back to the 3 weeks MTC program since the change from 2 weeks back to 3 weeks. The missionaries arrived with big smiles and were ready to serve the Lord. As we do not have a bus terminal close to the Mission Home, the missionaries got off at 7/11 and were shuttled by the Assistants and Office Staff to the Mission Home.
Office Staff and Assistants waiting for the bus to arrive
This is the bus!!! 

The two vehicles having the "drive-in" ceremony

Elder Taupau
Elder Fakaosita
Elder Key
Elder Nequinto
Elder Aspinall
Elder Hicks
Elder Knowles
Elder Alazo
Sister Alversado
Sister Geronimo
Sister Cortez
Sister Apolinario

Of course, lunch was served immediately as they were hungry from their long travel from Manila

After lunch, while President had his Entry Interview with them, Elder Chan, our Secretary, began with some administrative work

After the lunch and interviews, the missionaries were paired up with our missionaries in Urdaneta and Urdaneta North Zones and spent the rest of the day proselyting. The next day, they came back for the orientation meeting, where they were oriented to different aspects of missionary life and, and to meet their Trainers.

Our March 2016 Arriving Missionaries!

After the orientation and lunch, it was finally time for them to meet their trainers
Elder Garate and Elder Key
Elder Bellosillo and Elder Fakaosita
Elder Knowles and Elder Sabangan
Elder Rawlinson and Elder Alazo
Elder Isuga and Elder Taupau
Elder Sabiano, our outgoing Assistant to the President, and Elder Aspinall
Elder Cureg and Elder Hicks
Elder Nequinto and Elder Tomas
Sister Alversado and Sister Agustin
Sister Geronimo and Sister Combate
Sister Cortez and Sister Gentry
Sister Apolinario and Sister Smith 2
And so the journey begins for these new missionaries.

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