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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

December 2015 Batch Orientation Meeting!

December 2015 Batch Orientation Meeting!

After a good night's sleep and a sumptuous breakfast provided by the full-time missionaries, the new missionaries were brought to the Mission Home again for their orientation meeting. There, the office staff each orientated the missionaries to different aspects of the mission about items such as finances, supplies and many more. After a long meeting and lunch with their trainers, it was finally time for them to meet their trainers, who would be with them for the next 12 weeks at least.

It was coincidentally Sister Soe's Birthday so President and Sister Deyro surprised her with a cake!

Missionaries with their trainers!

Sister Piutau and Sister Adalid
Elder Bontoyan and Elder Ah Hong
Elder Dahle and Elder CaƱete
Elder Parohinog and Elder Capate
Elder Barranco and Elder Brown
Elder Murillo and Elder Hillman
Sister Juaniza and Sister Soe
Sister Latorre and Sister Fivas
Elder Gambao and Elder Lumanog
Elder Diaz and Elder Makabenta
Sister Miller and Sister Ruyeras
Sister Blanco and Sister Montenegro
Elder Alagon and Elder Shettell
Elder Budge and Elder Rivera
Elder Quevedo and Elder Morris
Elder Corton and Elder Panzo
Sister Gadea and Sister Obtingga
Sister Standage and Sister Agustin
Elder Tumanuvao and Elder Orlanda

After meeting their trainers, the missionaries headed back to their areas to begin their proselyting. 

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