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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

December 2015 Arriving Batch!

December 2015 Arriving Batch!

On December 30, 2015, we welcomed the arrival of our new missionaries assigned in Urdaneta! The missionaries arrived later than expected due to heavy traffic and the amount of people at the bus terminal in Manila. However, they arrived safely at 4pm and were ushered immediately to the Mission Home.

Missionaries filling up their emergency contact information at the Mission Home

After a good dinner, a special FHE was held in the Mission Home for the new arriving missionaries, together with President and Sister Deyro and their 5 children. After that, the missionaries were brought to the various apartments in Urdaneta, where they spent the night.

"An Evening With the Deyros", a special FHE with President and Sister Deyro and their 5 children
Special Number by our Office Staff

Elder Alagon
Elder Barranco
Elder Bontoyan
Elder Budge
Elder CaƱete
Elder Corton
Elder Orlanda
Elder Murillo
Elder Morris
Elder Gamboa
Elder Diaz
Elder Parohinog
Sister Agustin
Sister Blanco
Sister Fivas
Sister Gadea
Sister Soe
Sister Ruyeras
Sister Piutau

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