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Sunday, October 2, 2016

MLC August 5th 2016

Mission Leadership Council

August 5th, 2016

The new Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders kick start the meeting by introducing themselves.

Return and Report

Follow-up with the techniques that was made from the previous MLC's
  • Seminary Recruitment
  • 7 Step Door Approach
  • How to offer the Book of Mormon Wisely
  • Effectiveness of New District Meeting Schedule and Format

A Guide to Healthy Eating for Urdaneta Missionaries

We have observed that many of our missionaries do not pay particular attention to what they eat each day. Many are content to just eat meals in a carinderia and some survive on instant noodles and canned goods. Remember that a healthy missionary is an effective missionary, and healthy, nutritious meals are necessary to stay in good health. Remember that the eating habits you develop in the mission will be carried over after the mission. Remember also that your mission is a preparation for you to be wonderful fathers and mothers in the future.  

We come up with a guide for the missionaries to develop healthy eating habits. It teaches us to:

Aim for balance
Look for variety
Practice moderation

The guide also contains guidelines on how to plan and set goals to have healthy, balanced, sanitarily prepared and quick meals.

Baptism, Confirmation and the Sacrament for the Remission of Sins

The council was invited to create something using the sticks (Red - Faith, Green - Repentance). They need to create something that represents and show the relationship between faith and repentance. It brings out the creativity and unity of the missionaries in creating something for a very short time. They were also able to really appreciate the importance of faith unto repentance.

Question and answer with President Deyro

Lunch Time

Assistants “Resolving Concerns: Reproving our 

Missionaries with Love”

Discussion and planning for the Tri/Bi-Zone conference.

Council Discussion

Faces of the MLC

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