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Monday, September 26, 2016

Arriving Batch

August 2016 Arriving Batch

August 2016 New Missionaries Batch Picture

It's always an exciting day when new missionaries arrive. 

1st Day

Arriving off the bus...

Welcome to Urdaneta Mission

Energizing them before a relentless work later with their temporary companion.

Elder Pearson

Elder Roberto

Elder Ortazon

Elder Daquioag

Elder Sa'u

Elder Presenta

Elder Terana

Elder Gonzales

Elder Parsons

Sister Johnston

Sister Shaw

Sister Iledan

Sister Christiansen

Sister Virtudazo

Sister Campos

They were assigned with temporary companions to work with them for the rest of the day to fling them to the work of the Lord.

2nd Day

Orientation and training were presented to our new missionaries for the purpose of preparing them for war. It was prepared by the Assistants, office elders and President and Sister Deyro. 

Last Orientation of Elder Lind :) He is leaving next transfer.

The most awaited part of the new missionaries.

Sister Arquiola & Sister Johnston

Elder Terana & Elder Cailing

Elder Roberto and Elder Taupau

Elder Ortazon & Elder Panzo

Sister Campos & Sister Gadea

Sister Iledan & Sister Olave

Elder Parsons & Elder Raymundo

Elder Pearson & Elder Bacunana

Elder Presenta & Elder Santuyo

Sister Shaw & Sister Geronimo

Sister Christiansen & Sister Pabatang

Sister Virtudazo & Sister Ungerer

Elder Sa'u & Elder Aspinall

Elder Gonzales & Elder Orlanda

Elder Geanga & Elder Tanner

Elder Daquioag  & Elder Baniago

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