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Friday, July 22, 2016

Departing Missionaries - June 2016

Departing Missionaries Batch Picture

Thank You very much Elders and Sisters for your performed labor in Urdaneta Mission. It has been an exciting experience to be with you, filled with great memories that is worth reminiscing. The legacies of faith that you have left will be treasure up. Go thy ways and rejoice for the kingdom of God is nigh.

Picture with President and Sister Deyro. As these missionaries neared the "finish line,"

Partaking of a great meal. Fried Chicken, Carbonara and Pizza for dinner with the Departing Missionaries before their testimony meeting.

Bonds won't die as time fly :) While waiting for the testimony meeting to start.

8 Sisters and 10 Elders. Gathered together in the mission home and bore their testimonies with relentless spirits. The testimonies that brought souls to the fold of our shepherd, Jesus Christ

President Deyro and Sister Deyro

The Concluding sight of our July departing Missionaries. 

They Surely Labored Relentlessly

Elder Chan on the couch after a relentless day

Elder McBride with his worn-out socks

Meet the new Assistant Elder Fairbank
(Elder McBride, Elder Fairbank, Elder Bacunana, President Deyro)

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  1. Goodbye to welcome home fine departing Missionaries. Thank you for a good example and assisting us as Sr. Couple Missionaries. Thank you Pres and Sister Deyro.
    If any of you wish, you may write to us,
    We don't have Facebook.
    Brother Dennis and Sister Beth Ann Roberts in Wales Ut, by Ephraim and Manti Utah. Visit ud, and send invitations, or College entrance or Graduation announcements. Etc.