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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Mission Leadership Council - May 13th, 2016

Mission Leadership Council - May 13th, 2016

The Mission Leaders gathered again for their Mission Leadership Council at the Mission Home on  May 13th, 2016. This MLC was held right after the transfers and so many new Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders got a chance to counsel together and to learn from each other.

Assistants - New Mission Vision of Excellence, 3 months Baptism Plans, UM Initiative:H.O.P.E and Nine “Indicators of Conversion and Church Growth".

Our Assistants shared with the Council various ideas and strategies to raise our Mission to greater heights with an introduction to our revised Mission Vision! We are now R.E.D: RELENTLESS EVERY DAY!

72-Hour Kit - Sister Deyro

Sister Deyro taught the leaders about an excellent idea for 72 hour kits. Instead of using tupperware boxes like in the past, we were taught to use 6-liter bottles of water and to store and fit our food, rice and other things in it. We then would seal it up using duct tape so that we would only open it in emergencies.

President's Message: Review of Power Principles from Elder Bowen

President Deyro took some time to reinforce and to counsel with our Leaders on the things that need to be changed and improved on so as to achieve Power in the Urdaneta Mission

Good, Better and Best

Elder Johnson, Zone Leader of Urdaneta Zone, was asked to explain a concept that Sister Deyro shared in District Meeting the previous week. She said that there are 3 types of Testifying Contacts: Good, Better and Best. "Good" ones are those where you testify about the unique message. "Better" ones are those where you leave something behind with the people you talked to. "Best" contacts are those where you set a return appointment. We are all striving for "Best" testifying contacts each day!!

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