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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February 2016 Batch Orientation Meeting!

February 2016 Batch Orientation Meeting!

After a day of work and a good night's rest with the Urdaneta Zone Missionaries, the new missionaries gathered once again in the Mission Home for their Orientation Meeting. At this meeting, the Office Staff will orient the new missionaries to various aspects of the work, be it referrals or finances etc.

(left to right) Front Row:Sister Buna Cruz, Sister Majerano, Sister Manahan, Sister De la Austria
Back Row: Elder Rota, Elder Reyes, Elder Adeva, Elder Olasiman, Elder Alayon, Elder Fiel, Elder Angot

Trainers for the new sisters with Sister Deyro

After a good lunch, it was finally time to meet their trainers!!

And off they were to their first areas, ready to serve the Lord.

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